An Update!

Ok, this week has been pretty busy, so I won’t be able to give you a full post. It has however been a week since my last update and I want to let everyone know how I’m going.

It’s been 17 days and I’ve lost 4 pounds. Things are going great and I have been keeping up my walking. The last walk went really well (42 minutes), so I’m thinking about adding on another block or two as I feel comfortable with the walk and I want to push myself.

Most importantly I am feeling great and really proud of how I am going. I feel like I am going to hit my goal comfortably and it makes me feel wonderful.

I’m thinking of doing my next post on some important things we need to do to ensure we become fit and lose weight. Expect that in the next week! I’ve also started some yoga, so expect a post on that in the near future.

And just so this post isn’t too boring I thought I would add a song that gets me going and helps me stay positive. And just as importantly keep you interested!

Have a great week and stay tuned for an update!