I got there!

I was very slack on the updates. I got super busy in the lead up to the wedding, and unfortunately this webpage didn’t get the love it should have. I’m sorry guys!

But for those people following me, you’ll be glad to know that I hit the weight I was aiming for. Yay for me! I was proud of what I did as it would have been easy to give up along the way, but I kept myself focused throughout. Also my (new) husband was a very happy man, though I know he would be happy with whatever I looked like!

I managed not to only get to my goal weight, but exceeded it by 3 pounds! Here’s the final graph.

Weight Graph

I looked fantastic in my wedding dress, even if I do say so myself. The weight loss made the photos look great, and while I was tempted to post a photo here, I really don’t want my photo all over the internet. Sorry guys! I don’t even like having selfies on Facebook, and I have a private account. I’m sure it’s an irrational fear that has a name. Maybe if it doesn’t have a name we can call it Mayphobia :p

The wedding went really well. The lead-up to it was intense, but I had a really great support cast around me. My mom in particular was great. She’s been here before, so knows all the pressure. My brides maids were great, particularly my BFF Mindy, who always knew the right thing to say. Love you so much!

Courtesy of Flickr

What I’m just as please about as the weight loss is that it is now months later and I haven’t put anything back on. I’m proud of myself. It would have been really easy to become lazy after the wedding and let the pounds creep back on, but I’ve continued my good habits. I’ve kept up the exercise and really do enjoy the walking which is now part of my daily routine. I’ve made sure I’ve kept a good sleeping cycle, which I know helps me with my energy levels. All the little things add up.

While I know I wasn’t the best with updating in here, I’m glad you guys came along for the journey. I had a heap of fun and am so happy with the results. I hope this blog was a bit of an inspiration to you and gave you some good advice along the way.

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