Some of ‘THOSE’ fad diets

This week I will be looking at some of the fad diets doing the rounds. Some of them have been around forever under the same name, and some are jut old diet with a new wrapping (name). I’m not really going to go into which ones work and which ones don’t, as I am no expert. I’ll let you do some research of your own if you want to look into it further. Here are five of the most popular ones…


The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet was made famous by Jennifer Aniston. It’s quiet simple really. Basically you need to balance your diet to match a suggested “30-30-40” breakdown. 30 percent of their calories come from protein, 30 percent from fat, and 40 percent from carbohydrates.


healthy cherry tomato, herbs friut and vegetables


Raw Food Diet

As it says the Raw Food Diet is all about eating raw food. The followers of this diet think that by cooking your food you are taking out a lot of the nutrients that the food contains. By not cooking your food you are limiting what food you can eat while on the diet (as some food can’t be eaten without cooking).


Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is all about eating natural. Eating like we use to millions of years ago. You will be eating plenty of fish, lean meats, fruits, non-stachy vegetables and nuts. Processed food, starchy vegetables, dairy food and grains are a no-go while on this diet. It’s an easy one to follow, but your meals are somewhat limited.




Atkins Diet

Ahhhhhhh the Atkins Diet was the biggest diet when it came out because it basically said you can eat as much as you want as long as it has no carbohydrates. The diet has since changed because it was basically a walking heart attack. It has morphed into a much healthier diet. Basically the diet is now about lean protein with controlled portions of fat and healthy carbohydrates.



Volumetrics is all about eating foods that are light on calories, but make you feel full. Typically this involves eating a lot of food that contains water (e.g. fruit and vegetables). The diet is about eating to get full, but with the food laden with water you feel full before you have eaten too many calories.


There you go. There are five diets for you to look at and give a go. Well… maybe not. I always believe that just eating healthy and exercise is the best answer. You don’t need to try a weird ass diet. Just keep it simple.


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Wow – have I been slacking off!

Wow – have I been slacking off….

only on the updating on the webpage. My diet is going just fine – lol

Okay, well it hasn’t been going as well as it was, but it is going along just fine. I sort of expected the X-Mas / New Year period to make life a bit harder on the diet front, but I am still proud of how I went. Here’s my latest graph

Diet Graph


So I’ve now lost 18 pounds in 114 days. I’m basically half way through and have lost 18 of the 25 pounds I want to. I can feel myself getting close!

For my next post I will look into a bunch of fad diets that are around.