Helpful and not so Helpful Advice

I have a heap of close friends (many of which I know are following this blog – Hi guys!!!!) and they are well aware of my goals that I have set myself for my wedding. I’ve been chatting to them for weeks about this. As always when you are with friends they try to encourage you and give you some tips. Some of the tips are great.  But then there are some tips that are terrible. Now terrible is a strong word, but well deserved in some cases. Here are some of those tips (both the good and the bad). I won’t name names as not to embarrass anyone!


Drink plenty of water

This is a pretty well known one, but it helps in so many ways when you are dieting. The benefits include:

  • It’s calorie free, which is exactly what you want on a diet.
  • It also makes you feel full, so you don’t want to eat and drink anything else
  • You usually have it in lieu of something else which reduces your calorie intake (good buy coffee and sodas!)
  • Flushes your system out

Keep motivational things around the house

If you are thinking positive, then you will probably use more energy and want to eat less. As per my first post I love staying motivated. One thing I did was stuck our wedding invitation on the fridge door to make me think twice about what I grab when I’m in the fridge.

Wear high heals around the house

Yes, someone actually suggested this to me. They told me that it would help strengthen my calf muscles. I mentioned to them that I would then have sore feet and not be able to go for a walk in the evenings.  “Ohh, I didn’t think about that” she said back. I think I’ll stick to my normal shoes thanks.

Try a protein powder shake

One of my friends suggested using a protein powder during the day. I had to let her know that protein powders are for building muscles and as a result are high in calories, and that maybe you are thinking of a diet shake. “Are you sure?” was what she said to me. We had a laugh about it afterwards.

weight gaining

Don’t weigh yourself everyday

Great suggestion. Our weight fluctuates daily and it will have nothing to do with how we are going with our diet.  Weighing yourself more than once per week isn’t going to help.  It will only frustrate you because you think you are putting on weight.

Have small meals rather than 3 big meals

I’ve been told that having 5 small meals is better than having 3 big meals. This allows you to feel full for longer throughout the course of the day. It also means that you can have more of a variety during the day. You also don’t feel stuffed. When you feel overfull you tend to get lethargic and don’t want to exercise.


I have kept up my walking and have improved my time by 3 minutes (down to 45 minutes). I have also dropped 2 pounds in 9 days to date. Off to a great start! Yay!!!

Let’s start with Some Walking

Ok, today I started with some walking. I haven’t walked for exercise for at least 3 years.  Even them I use to walk maybe 3 or 4 times a month for 30 minutes, so I don’t know if you would call it strenuous exercise. It was more of a getting out with the girls sort of activity. I thought that I would start making it a routine of 3 times per week for 45 minutes.  It’s going to start off slowly (I didn’t want to kill myself on the first day!). I found this website by the American Heart Association that shows all the benefits of walking.


I drove a circuit with my car that measures 2.5 miles.  It’s fairly flat, but there is a little hill right at the end to test me out. This means I need to average 3.3 miles per hour.  That’s a pretty slow walk.  After a while I’ll add a block here and a block there as my average speed increases.

But obviously I needed to be dressed for it! Before my walk I went to the local sports store and bought myself a $100 pair of Nike.  I also bought myself a couple of sports bras and a nice pair of leggings. I was all set. I was surprised at the damage one can cause to one’s breasts if they aren’t supported properly (link).


I made it back home by 5pm ready for my walk (it had cooled off by then). It was a beautiful evening, maybe 70 degrees outside.  Perfect walking temperature. I copied across my Rosetta Stone Japanese lesson plan onto my MP3 player, so I could learn as I walked (I didn’t previously mention but we have a stop on our honeymoon in Japan, so I want to learn some Japanese – talk about multi tasking!).

By 5:30pm I was off. I took it slow and made it around the circuit in 48 minutes. Not too bad at all if you ask me. I wasn’t even that exhausted.  Maybe I might be able to push myself out to an hour or pick up the pace a little.


After a shower I was back into my nightly routine. Well that was easy! No issues at all and I felt so good about myself. It didn’t really take any time out of my day either.  I probably would have just been watching some TV. Walking is a much better activity than sitting on my butt watching the junk that is on TV these days. I’m off to a great start and so happy about it!

I think in the next few days I will look into an exercise video (might be able to get a free one from You-tube). I’m pretty flexible, so I might give yoga a go. I do like the idea of getting my zen on.

Stats to date – 2 days in, 0 pounds lost (obviously not worried yet as we have only just started)

Sources –

Welcome To My New Blog!

Firstly, welcome!!!!!

Thank you for joining me on my journey to my weight loss goal.  I can’t ‘weight’ to get started.

My wedding is on May the 15th.  I assume I’ll be too busy for the lead up to the wedding to exercise so I want to hit my ideal weight by 1st of May.  That gives me 32 weeks to lose 20 pounds.  Easily achievable! Also not only do I want to lose the weight, but I want to be in great shape.  I want to be fit and toned!

To get us started I thought I would post some things to get me motivated.  Let’s start off with some of my favorite quotes…

“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement” ― Jess C. Scott




“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” – Fred Devito




“Your only one workout away from being in a good mood”


And this song is always the first one on my iPod if I want to get motivated.



I also use celebrities to help inspire me, but I think I’ll wait for another separate post for that.

Anyway, I hope that is enough motivation to get you going today!  First update coming soon!!!


The above quotes pictures are from here.